Wheel of Life Assessment Tool

This simple but powerful Wheel of Life assessment tool will enable you to improve your overall life faster so you can live a happier more fulfilled life.

The Wheel of Life assessment tool will help:

  • Give you a visual representation of your life satisfaction so you can clearly see how your life looks currently.

  • Assess your life in the 10 areas so you can identify and focus on improving the areas that you value, enabling you to improve your life faster.

  • Set SMART Goals and Actions so you know what you need to do and why, which means you will be motivated to stick to your goals.

  • Develop better habits that are aligned with the person you want to become and live the life you desire.

At the end, your unique wheel of life will be e-mailed to you with some useful tips to help you on your self-improvement journey.

Begin by ranking your level of happiness between 0 – 10 in each category, use the? to help guide you.

For reference (0 = Unhappy, 3 = Needs Improvement, 5 = Can improve, 7 = Happy, 10 = Very Happy)

Disclaimer: We take your privacy seriously and do not store or share your information.

For feedback regarding the tool contact us at info@tryumphcoaching.com.